The Lutron Lighting Difference

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Published on: Nov 08, 2021

This week, we thought we’d take a deep dive into the amazing philosophy and products of one of our favorite companies, Lutron. Founder Joel Spira invented light-dimming switches for everyday use at home. Headquartered in the Lehigh Valley, Lutron upholds and furthers Spira’s passion for creating beautiful and easy-to-use lighting control systems, alongside successful forays into window shading and temperature control systems, among others.

Dimming systems have come a long way since Spira’s experiments in the 1950s, yet at their heart, Lutron understands the significance of pairing atmosphere and utility with lighting control. Modern technology allows customers to operate, change, and dim lights from ergonomic, beautiful keypads, a phone app, tablet, or even a  universal remote. Fan controls, timers, and in-wall sensors (for daylight and/or time of day) allow for total control over the ambiance of a room.

Lutron has crafted its powerful systems for use in single rooms, whole homes, and complex whole systems. They are used in every type of structure from that beautiful home at the end of the street to the New York Times building in Manhattan, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, and the White House.

Lutron’s RA2 lighting control system conveniently controls all lighting, including high-quality LEDs in the kitchen.

Naturally, Lutron expanded into lighting innovations to pair with their control systems, creating gorgeous decorative and high-performance fixtures, sconces, pendants, downlights, and low-profile LEDs. Lutron also anticipated the desire to control outdoor and ambient light, pioneering significant shading system controls, including traditional drapery and roller shades, vertical drapery, tensioned shades, Roman shades, and horizontal sheer blinds. Their SivoiaQS and Palladiom shading systems are particularly impressive; they’re built for seamless installation (often without the need for concealing pockets or fascia) and integrate consistently with Lutron’s existing control systems.

RMS has used Lutron’s shading system in many occasions where lighting control played a significant role in design. In this residential setting, the clients needed to protect an antique restored piano from UV damage, so RMS used Lutron’s systems to automatically raise and lower shades depending on the daylight. In another residence, RMS integrated Lutron roller shades on enormous south-facing windows to provide not only crucial shading in the home, but also necessary privacy.

For these corporate guest suites, Lutron’s panelized lighting system provided lighting control while preserving the historic building design.

Lutron’s products are some of RMS’ favorites because of their appreciation of aesthetics. Their robust control systems allow for the reduction of the number of outdated, non-integrated, or unseemly switches and knobs, as showcased in this Lancaster house. This system granted the homeowners greater flexibility and total control over their in-home lighting. Another significant reason we use Lutron for nearly all of our clients’ projects is that the system is open-ended, allowing integration with virtually all brands of home automation systems and voice control devices. This flexibility means that even as technology systems change, our clients have a system that is built for the long-term.  

We at RMS share many of Lutron’s values, including superior care for the customer, an empathetic role in serving the community, and delivering unparalleled service and value to everyone. RMS’ 20 years of experience in designing, installing, programming, and supporting these lighting controls systems offers us the knowledge and experience to meet our clients’ needs and desires. We ensure all our clients’ systems are designed to be simple, reliable and beautiful. Lutron’s passion for high-quality, high-performance lighting and shading control systems mirrors our belief that beauty and technology ought to work in tandem.

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