High end family room in Lancaster County

Lancaster County Residence 2


Technology allowed us to provide these homeowners with comfort and convenience without detracting from the natural, historic beauty of their classic Lancaster County home.

Lancaster County, PA
16 Months
Site supervisor
Nathan Ginder
Systems engineer
Zach Boyd
Eric Leese

Services Provided

Networking & WiFi

Fast, reliable and secure are the words to remember here. From doorbells to refrigerators, to TVs, phones and tablets, virtually everything connects to the internet. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you can stay connected everywhere inside or outside your home.

Family of 4 enjoying technology
Connected Home

Your home should be able to match pace with your lifestyle while making it easier by simplifying your home’s systems, like lighting, shading, heating/cooling, doorbells, intercoms and more. We proudly work with the industry’s best providers, including Crestron, Lutron, Josh.ai and Control4.

Smart phone app controlling connected home
Lifestyle Multimedia Systems

Enjoy Ultra-HD sports, movies, television and music all in the comfort of your living space, indoors or outdoors. From invisible speakers to display-concealing artwork, we have the resources and know-how to meet your design needs and provide a rich multimedia experience.

Gorgeous sunroom with hung TV
Audio & Video Systems

With our expertise, you’ll have high-performance audio and video anywhere you want it in your home or on your property. Outdoors by the pool, inside your garage, within your refinished basement or even in the master shower, there’s no limit to where you can be entertained.

Family room with TV and speakers
Home Theater

We believe nothing can quite compare to the "big screen" experience when you want to enjoy movies, sports, concerts and other at-home entertainment. We work with your wishlist to craft a world-class theater room that includes audio-video system design, seating layouts and lighting.

home theatre with LED lighting


This large, classic home presented a number of challenges for our team. Our first step was to install adequate wiring to support the large-scale data network, audio system, and video distribution system. The next challenge was to design solutions that didn’t detract from the beauty of this home. Our team worked with the owners, designer, and general contractor to ensure every detail was covered.


The team was challenged not only to maintain the historic beauty of the home, but to use technology to enhance it. They rose to these tasks by installing a lighting control system that provided intuitive control over all the lights in this large home and eliminated multiple retrofitted and redundant light switches. Similarly, a new video distribution system allowed for high-quality audio and video in every room while eliminating cumbersome components and their clutter. Likewise, an integrated television, powerful sound system and LED lighting transformed a recently finished basement into a welcoming family oasis.

System Highlights

  • Installed powerful wired and wireless network to cover entire home, carriage house and very large outdoor entertaining space
  • Installed Crestron Digital Media video distribution system that provides owners with high-quality AV in every room without clutter 
  • Installed Lutron HomeWorks lighting control and shading system that provides simple, intuitive and powerful control of the home’s lighting
  • Installed Lutron automated motorized window shades that raise and lower depending on time of day to protect an antique restored piano and finishes of the home from UV damage
  • Integrated 98” TV and powerful Dolby Atmos sound system for a truly immersive experience
  • Designed and installed the LED lighting for basement space for the perfect ambiance
  • Installed multi-zone whole-home audio system powered by Sonos with sleekly integrated speakers in nearly every room, indoors and out
  • Concealed master suite TV within a framed mirror; TV is also motorized for comfortable viewing from the bed or sitting area

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