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Published on: Jun 03, 2022

We thought we’d take a deeper dive today into one of our favorite residential projects. Ten-year loyal clients of RMS who lived in the region wanted to build their “forever” home in Ithaca, New York, where they met in college. They came to us early and immediately for their new construction residential build, and naturally, we provided our extremely thorough needs analysis, budget reviews and design. Their story exemplifies our approach in that these wonderful clients remembered and appreciated the work that RMS had done for them years ago, but most importantly, how we responded to their needs. We feel this loyalty and trustworthiness among client and technology provider is uncommon to the industry.

How do we ensure success with every client? By using the integrated product delivery (IPD) model, which provides us the capacity to intimately understand the needs of our clients and specify solutions directly to meet those needs. From that vantage point of an aligned approach, we are able to integrate systems with the building construction so that when the project is complete, the result is seamless. In short, the client’s vision is never an afterthought.


IPD ensures technology design, construction, communication, and documentation are cohesive and unified on complex projects.

IPD is what makes projects like this one a success. These cohesive solutions center on the client. We are the installers, project managers, designers, integrators, engineering, documenters, programmers and configuration experts, support team, and construction workers, yet we never miss the mark, even while wearing all of those hats.

We’ll have more to say on the ins and outs of IPD in a forthcoming post, but for today, we will state strongly that we believe it sets the standard for construction management, particularly for residential builds, which are often more dynamic in nature than commercial build. The coordination of IPD allows us to be more proactive in our planning and to increase project efficiency and value for the client. Our work becomes even more challenging—and rewarding—when working at a distance, such as in this Ithaca residence. We provided further value via thorough communication with the homeowners, associations, and related trades and contractors to minimize return trips that would have added undue cost to the clients.


The automated shading system valences painted and matched on-site to fit existing window trim for a completely seamless result.

As for the home itself, it’s completely gorgeous and wonderfully functional. We engineered a Crestron system to provide the foundation for much of the technology in the home. Once the system’s engineered, the scalability becomes indispensable. In this home, the modularity of the Crestron system allows for shared resources among the audio system, video system, and the automated shading system.

The audio system includes 12 discrete zones of audio throughout the home, indoors and out; the whole-home audio has integrated architectural Sonance speakers, and the homeowners enjoy unlimited musical choices in virtually every room, easily controlled by their mobile devices via Sonos.

The home features multiple TVs (indoors and out), including a 65” 4K Sony display with custom speakers and a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos audio system with an integrated subwoofer, as well as a 55” weatherproof outdoor TV on the back terrace for entertaining while viewing Lake Cayuga. The Crestron centralized video distribution system allows for a clean and reliable installation, and which allows for unlimited system design flexibility and seamless integration. As you’ve noticed, we’re sticklers about aesthetics, which our clients appreciate. We minimize all those messy cords, wires, and hardware; all the equipment for this home is in one centralized rack system that’s out of sight, yet still efficiently serviceable when needed.

The clever shading system features both automated motorized shades and manually operated shades, all with custom color-matched valances. All the components of the shading you see were painted on-site to match the existing window trim, so the shades are cleanly integrated into the window jamb and trim design.

All the systems listed above are built on the foundation of the ultra-reliable wired (and wireless) WiFi system. This wired network also provides the foundation for the remote support and Client Care model. The system’s foundation has UPS battery backups, IP-controlled power units, and powerful full-system monitoring that allows our support team to quickly resolve issues that arise.


This centralized rack system keeps wires/cords/hardware out of sight, while organizing it in a way that’s fully serviceable.

Though the construction of the home was completed in 2016, none of the technology has needed an upgrade or replacement. Crucially, our Client Care model provides the essential software, firmware, and critical security updates the system requires, which results in the home still providing the same comfort, convenience, luxury, and reliability as though it had brand-new systems installed today. We often tell our clients that our technology systems are built for the long haul. This spectacular lakeside residence is but more proof of our claims.

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