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Published on: Oct 25, 2021

Client Care is the most important and revolutionary thing we’ve ever offered to our clients.

It's far more important than any gadget or whiz-bang tech offering. While this is a bold statement, it is unequivocally true. For years, our clients appreciated the diligence we applied in supporting them, but that support was purely reactionary. It required our clients to not only determine something wasn’t working (typically at the worst time!), but then be required to relay information to our team to diagnose the issue or schedule a time for a technician to troubleshoot. Since the technicians had no useful information on such a call, they would be at a massive disadvantage of resolving the issue quickly. We challenged our team to rectify this industry shortcoming. 

Approximately 9 years ago, we embarked on this mission to reimagine this very-important client-support model. At that point, technologies existed to provide our team with the tools needed for this incredible  level of support. With these new advancements, RMS could (and still does) remotely diagnose and resolve issues, interpret technical data for diagnoses, remotely reboot power to hardware, and provide important network and system security updates. Clients don’t need to know how their technology works nearly as much as they need to know that it will work, reliably. Client Care also relieves the burden from clients having to be technicians, which frankly is ideal since they’re not that good at it!

Our Client Care program is also one of the largest differentiators from anyone else in the industry. Truly, Client Care has two sides: the necessary technical side, and the all-important human side. We feel that the technical side exists to support the human side and not the other way around. Sometimes clients don’t necessarily know what they need, and we step in. 

Education is critical for clients to understand this level of interaction and the long-term nature of this engagement, and when we demonstrate how empathy guides our service model, the response is amazing. Nearly every client that engaged with Client Care when we started it years ago is still enrolled in the service. That resonates. It feels amazing to help so many people and provide real value. No, this isn’t normal for a company in our industry, but this is what we’re most proud of providing.  

However, not all issues consist of hardware concerns. For instance, what if you received a mailer from your internet provider suggesting you need to upgrade your internet speed. Is it true? Is it just marketing? What would that even entail? Who the heck wants to deal with their internet provider?! RMS can advise and advocate for concerns like this as part of our service model.

A continuously connected system means our system monitoring acts like an automobile’s check engine light—if a check engine light could proactively contact an auto dealer and let the service bay know to schedule an update or repair. These powerful tools, coupled with our extensive system engineering, allow our team to quickly and accurately resolve many issues as well as routinely update each client’s system with the latest security updates, crucial for a connected system.  

RMS can remotely interpret, diagnose, and resolve connected system issues without the client needing to lift a finger.

Nothing quite compares to the speed at which technology and connectivity is transforming. Ensuring the proper infrastructure is in place to provide this level of reliability and support means that planning, engineering, coordination, and meticulous system installation, documentation and implementation are required. Similar to how industries such as plumbing and HVAC (to name two we work alongside) decades ago changed the shape and construction methodology of the buildings in which they were integrated, technology and connectivity will also take its place in history for substantially influencing how buildings are designed and built. 

By being the engineers and designers of this technology and connectivity, we understand how these systems must operate for each client, but more importantly, that we must always be honorable stewards of our clients’ investment. The result is a level of trustworthiness that no one else offers.

Our team is steadfast in providing this service to our clients and as such have a team of industry veterans, led by Jordan Binkley, our Director of Service Operations, ready to assist our clients. RMS works far beyond a company that installs technology and electrical services. We pursue a positive outcome rather than trying to react to a negative result or worse, offloading the problem to a third-party client support system. RMS goes to every effort to uphold this standard; wherever possible, we will not outsource. 

Since we began Client Care, we polled our clients and asked them what they would choose between access to an RMS service team member some of the time or access to a third-party call center (like those that security companies or internet service providers use) all of the time; unanimously, they chose us. Earning our clients' trust to become their long-standing partner is what drives the RMS team to first meet, then far surpass, the service expectations of our industry.  

As those trusted partners, we will help you navigate a labyrinth of potential options: Who is the best internet provider for me? What download speed do I need for my home? How can my LED lighting enhance the beauty of my home rather than detract from it? If you want a truly professional company that understands and anticipates your needs, reach out to us using the contact button.

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