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Published on: Oct 25, 2021

Welcome to the all new, super-duper, amazing RMS website!

While we’ve spruced up a bit around here, the heart of RMS hasn’t changed since Matt Early started RMS 20 years ago. With a convergence of industry advances and the elevated expectations of clients, we wanted to use this opportunity to express what it means to partner with RMS and how we differentiate ourselves in this (very) competitive industry.

To start, we need to acknowledge that this industry is not always thought of as the most trustworthy group. Typically, companies like ours rate right up there with used-car salesmen and snake-oil hawkers when it comes to reputation. Yet we recognized that our clients have always entrusted us to the performance of their spaces, so we realized we had something very special to offer. 

Simply put, we earn long-standing client relationships by being the most trustworthy company our clients ever do business with. This ethos is so essential to us that we’ve made it our Vision Statement. We are uncommonly obsessed with our clients’ experience, and in our twenty years of working alongside you, we’ve learned what it means to provide value above and beyond the expected.

We consistently put people over products because of this vision. It’s the actionable spirit of all that we do. The mechanical portions of RMS – working on great projects, designing amazing solutions, relentlessly supporting our clients, all of that – it’s wonderful, but we use our vision to become a trusted partner (rather than another forgettable vendor).

We have always prioritized being trustworthy, but we recently understood that in order to qualify the special elements of RMS, we needed to slow down, step back and acknowledge how much we cared about the relationships we had built. I don’t know if you have ever tried to build a Vision Statement that codifies your entire reason for being, but it took a 2-year process for us to refine it into a way that felt honest, true, and complete. 

This process was truly collaborative, and each RMS team member participated in this project to define the tough questions, like, “What does RMS mean?” and “What does it mean to you?” The result of this “long simmer” was an underlying tone of a special, “human-centric” approach that helped us craft the statement you see above.

This is what we always aspire to do, day in and day out, and it shapes all our actions.

This Vision Statement isn’t just window dressing or a Hallmark-style platitude to hang in the foyer. We use it continuously to grow and scale the team properly. I believe it’s a keystone to business structure and growth without diluting our brand. For example, we recently launched our Electrical Services division as a complement to our Residential and Commercial Technology Integration divisions. Providing electrical services is a logical evolution of our company’s offerings (and the industry at large) with emergent technologies like LED lighting, automation and connected/controlled homes and businesses; the synergy between tech company and electrician is integral for providing clients the best possible experience. By providing these electrical services in concert with our seamless technology solutions, we are able to manage the scope of more projects fully, which results in a better client experience.

We will never deviate from our vision of long-term relationships. We achieve this vision by operating from an unwavering position of complete honesty—by owning our mistakes when we make them, by stepping in when a client’s needs might not be met otherwise, and by being responsive and flexible enough to consider alternatives. Our core values are trustworthiness, diligence, innovation, simplicity, reliability, beauty, thoroughness, enrichment, and malleability, and through those values, we earn your loyalty.

How do we deliver upon our lofty vision? It all comes back to being the most trustworthy stewards of your investment. One of our most direct methods is our unwavering support and service for all our clients. We’ll have more to say about our Client Care service model in the next post, but I can safely say that no other company in this industry provides the level of care, support and empathy that we provide to each client.

This year marks RMS’ 20th anniversary. That’s a long time to operate in this industry, let alone become leaders, and we wouldn’t have lasted even a fraction of this time if we weren’t 100% committed to earning your respect and trust. Even though I can’t say what the next twenty years of RMS will look like, I can assure you that we will always remain loyal to our clients.

I look forward to the future weeks and months for this blog to shine the spotlight on the great people, services, and philosophies that make RMS so special. We’ll also be sharing with you exciting projects, technology advances and industry innovations, behind-the-scenes info, and more. I’m very proud to be a part of your home or business, and whenever you want to drop RMS a line, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Caleb Fetter
Owner and President, RMS

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