TONO offices



Lancaster City architecture firm reimagined a historic landmark to create a new home for their growing and expanding team and services.

Lancaster, PA
10 months
Site supervisor
Nathan Ginder
Systems engineer
Zach Boyd
Eric Leese

Services Provided

Conference Rooms

Give your team the technology tools they need to be efficient and productive. Our designed conference rooms can accommodate any number of people or groups so that everyone will focus on having a great meeting (instead of troubleshooting annoying tech issues).

iLab conference room
Wired & Wireless Presentation

Whether presenting to 2 or 200 people, our presentation solutions will work with you in mind to ensure your ideas are being communicated effectively. We offer both hard-wired and wireless (WiFi-enabled) solutions depending on your space’s specific needs.

Corporate board room with projector screen
Digital Displays & Signage

Digital displays are fantastic tools that allow you to convey your message, whether that message is branding, informational or audience-specific, to all who see it. Whether your company is in retail, hospitality or corporate use, our solutions are reliable and scalable.

iLab lobby with 8 vertical TV screens
Building Management Solutions

Lighting, shading and HVAC are just a few of the many systems that can be integrated by our team to be more efficient and easier to use in a large space. Our systems make your day-to-day operations simple and reliable, regardless of scale.

TONO offices


Integrating technology solutions into a 70-plus-year-old building while preserving the aesthetic nature and design intent is never easy. We worked hand-in-hand with TONO’s architects and their PROTO construction team to ensure the design and installation of these systems were integrated beautifully and met their goals.


Our team designed a Crestron automation and video-distribution system to ensure all building systems were simple and reliable. Our team designed a full-featured lighting control system to meet the safety, code and ergonomic requirements of the space. We installed a Crestron Digital Media video distribution system to create powerful conference room options for TONO’s design team, and we also integrated a 3x1 Planar video wall into a free-standing partition in the foyer for large visual impact and branding space for TONO Group.

System Highlights

  • Crestron Building Management system featuring centralized lighting, shading, HVAC and security system integration
  • In-table HDMI cable-retractors for powerful presentation options while disappearing from view when not in use; system programmed for “no-touch” plug and play capability for simple system operation
  • Planar 3x1 video display wall integrated into sleek foyer partition with an attractive mild-steel fascia (removable for service needs)
  • RMS assisted in bespoke branding content for above non-traditional screen form factor

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