Decades bowling alley and restaurant



RMS set a new high score by integrating audio, video, security cameras and network connectivity into this hip arcade/bowling alley/restaurant.

Lancaster City
4 Months
Site supervisor
Michael Toll
Systems engineer
Zach Boyd
Eric Leese, Jordan Binkley

Services Provided

Networking & WiFi

Fast, reliable and secure are the words to remember here. From doorbells to refrigerators, to TVs, phones and tablets, virtually everything connects to the internet. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you can stay connected everywhere inside or outside your home.

Family of 4 enjoying technology
Digital Displays & Signage

Digital displays are fantastic tools that allow you to convey your message, whether that message is branding, informational or audience-specific, to all who see it. Whether your company is in retail, hospitality or corporate use, our solutions are reliable and scalable.

iLab lobby with 8 vertical TV screens
Audio & Video Systems

You can have high-quality audio and video scaled specifically to fit your unique space and your desired level of performance. Large, mid-range or small, our audio and video systems are always custom-tailored to fit your needs, beautifully and simply.

LUCA interior


We had a mission to preserve the original architecture and aesthetic of the open-truss ceiling in this urban re-use project, so locating speakers to provide adequate coverage and sound quality while complementing the beautiful woodwork was our top assignment. The cavernous, acoustically challenging nature of the space required specific audio system capabilities and setup to ensure music and announcements sounded perfect.


The RMS team fabricated specific mounting brackets for the Sonance Professional speakers to allow them to “disappear” within the existing architecture, all without compromising audio quality. We designed the audio system, complete with a DBX audio controller for tuning, specifically for this environment to balance great-sounding music without overwhelming customers. Spoken announcements are heard with clarity, even in this vast environment.

System Highlights

  • Powerful, fast and secure wired and wireless (WiFi) network to support music, TV and point-of-sale needs
  • Multi-zone audio for streaming music as well as microphone inputs for spoken announcements and events
  • Multiple TVs at the bar incorporated into custom casework.

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