Large multi-screen video wall

Smart Health Innovation Lab


Lancaster City healthcare partner required an innovative audio-video system for guest tours as well as powerful conference room communication and presentation solutions.

Lancaster, PA
10 months
Site supervisor
Michael Toll
Systems engineer
Zach Boyd
Eric Leese

Services Provided

Networking & WiFi

Fast, reliable and secure are the words to remember here. From doorbells to refrigerators, to TVs, phones and tablets, virtually everything connects to the internet. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you can stay connected everywhere inside or outside your home.

Family of 4 enjoying technology
Digital Displays & Signage

Digital displays are fantastic tools that allow you to convey your message, whether that message is branding, informational or audience-specific, to all who see it. Whether your company is in retail, hospitality or corporate use, our solutions are reliable and scalable.

iLab lobby with 8 vertical TV screens
Audio & Video Systems

You can have high-quality audio and video scaled specifically to fit your unique space and your desired level of performance. Large, mid-range or small, our audio and video systems are always custom-tailored to fit your needs, beautifully and simply.

LUCA interior
Audio/Video/Web/Tele Conferencing

We are experts in providing distance and remote communication and presentation solutions that are simple to use, reliable, and built to meet your needs. These tools allow your team to focus on the job at hand rather than fighting to make their voice heard.

AV Web Conferencing
Building Management Solutions

Lighting, shading and HVAC are just a few of the many systems that can be integrated by our team to be more efficient and easier to use in a large space. Our systems make your day-to-day operations simple and reliable, regardless of scale.

TONO offices
Conference Rooms

Give your team the technology tools they need to be efficient and productive. Our designed conference rooms can accommodate any number of people or groups so that everyone will focus on having a great meeting (instead of troubleshooting annoying tech issues).

iLab conference room
Wired & Wireless Presentation

Whether presenting to 2 or 200 people, our presentation solutions will work with you in mind to ensure your ideas are being communicated effectively. We offer both hard-wired and wireless (WiFi-enabled) solutions depending on your space’s specific needs.

Corporate board room with projector screen


The display wall and tour vignettes presented logistical and design challenges. The display wall features an 8-portrait display layout that presents as a large-scale, singular engaging display with purposeful negative space. The clients required a flexible, feature-rich presentation and web-collaboration space for meetings, presentations, conference calls and web sessions.


We worked closely with the general contractor and the manufacturer of all vignette displays and the display wall to deliver powerful multimedia content as the client required. We designed the fit and finish of the physical wall for beauty while retaining installation and service access for necessary AV equipment. Our team diligently worked to understand the varied ways their team would use their Large Collaboration Space to design, install and program a powerful, yet user-friendly Crestron and BiAmp solution for their team that provides flexibility and the features they need.

System Highlights

  • Designed, installed and programmed Crestron Digital Media video distribution system and BiAmp DSP system for (4) conference rooms for wired BYOD and local machine/video conferencing use
  • Installed and programmed Crestron motorized window shades for conference rooms and large collaboration space
  • Designed large collaboration space featuring wired lectern microphone for local sound reinforcement and Planar 2x2 video matrix display
  • Designed, installed and programmed digital display wall featuring (8) Planar portrait displays for digital graphics and signage use
  • Designed, installed and programmed (6) digital audio/video “kiosks” for facility tour multimedia
  • All design, documentation, installation, programming and GUI development

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