Systems Engineer [SYE]

Job Description


  • Responsible for completing full systems engineering to allow successful completion of a project by the production team.
  • Must have thorough understanding of all system components and construction methods to allow creation of accurate drawings, schematics, and documentation.
  • Knowledge of design and drafting software a must.
  • Knowledge of D-Tools software a plus.
  • Experience with industry brands such as Lutron, Control4, Crestron, and more a must.
  • Will work with Sales Engineer [SAE], Project Manager [PM], and Site Supervisor [SS] to create thorough and accurate system documentation.  
  • Responsible for updating all documentation through project completion and ensuring as-built documents are complete and accurate for successful hand-off to support team.
  • Expected to meet on job sites regularly to ensure documentation is accurate throughout life cycle of project.
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