Project Manager [PM]

Job Description


  • Oversee ongoing projects with regular site visits and thorough communication with RMS Site Supervisor [SS], GC, other trades, and clients.
  • Manage schedules in coordination with other RMS Site Supervisor, GC, other trades, and clients.
  • Communicate with Site Supervisor on any scope changes (client- or condition-initiated) and ensure all work is completed to RMS standards for quality and finish.
  • Coordinate with RMS Site Supervisor to ensure project is being completed within allotted labor budget.
  • Initiate and coordinate project Onboarding and Hand-Off meetings with pertinent RMS team members.
  • Record and communicate to Site Supervisor and Systems Engineer [SYE] and plan markups due to scope changes, site conditions, etc.
  • Communicate and coordinate with RMS Design Consultant/Sales [DCS] for any budget-related changes. PM responsible for receiving approved change order from RMS Design Consultant/Sales prior to initiating change to project scope.
  • Participate and contribute to project Onboarding, Site Survey, and Hand-Off meetings to ensure project success.
  • Verify necessary project equipment is in-stock and ready for installation and communicate any missing items to the Systems Engineers and shop foreman.
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